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Updated: Wednesday, December 01, 2010 3:14 PM

By visiting and/or downloading from my sites you agree to the below. If you don't agree to anything below then please click the X at the top right hand corner of this page to leave our site :o)
Thank you for taking the time to read this!

 Images: All character images are Copyright to Disney.  

1. There is NO "Remote Loading" or "Remote linking" to any images on the KTimothy.com or I-Love-Disney.com or any of our sister site's server what so ever!! This is stealing bandwidth that I pay for and it is considered a copyright infringement!

2. Please do NOT take any images from my pages especially when use as part of my site's design and/or layout. I have worked very hard on designing my site and wish for the images used for that to stay here. Honestly most images may be found out on the internet at other Disney Fan sites and many I touched up or made into backgrounds or other images throughout my site. Images you may download Wallpaper, IM letters, printables, OE stationery, the images in the gallery, fonts, XP Icons and blinkies, If there is a certain image you MUST have. Then PLEASE email me first and I will most likely send just send it right to you in exchange for a link exchange.
If for some reason you feel the need to take an image please NEVER link directly to an image on my server. This is stealing bandwidth and is considered a copyright infringement!
*UPLOAD to YOUR server first PLEASE*

3. When using stationery please leave Disney's and my credit links in the stationery that way your friends know where to find us and Disney if they enjoy the stationery. And it is only fair don't ya think :o)

4. When using backgrounds or wallpaper online for your website please provide a credit link on the page the wallpaper is used. I think asking you to say thank you to me for all my hard work by giving me a little credit really isn't to much to ask :o) And again it is only fair don't ya think :o) You also should provide links back to Disney since with out them we would not have our beloved characters! Also I do ask these images be used on sites suitable for visitors of all ages.

5. My Stationery are not web sets. Images contained in my stationery are not allowed to be uploaded to your sever or any other server but mine. If you would like to use it as a web set then you must first email me and we will talk about it :o) Backgrounds are now available on I-Love Disney.com

6. Please do not add my images or stationery into ANY "collection" or "gallery" of any kind DO NOT copy them onto any copy to disc other than your hard drive. You must first you notify me and ask for my permission for any other use. I've seen many pages with graphics from other people put into these galleries and there is no credit given. And sorry but, I work too hard on my site and the images/stationery ect to want to see it put in a gallery with another claiming it as their own. :o( Images I use are from different websites out there .... graphics I have collected over for three years. I do try my VERY best to give credit when due. But I also add to the images making them into backgrounds, clearing them up, ect. A LOT of effort went into fixing them up for people such as you and me to enjoy and a little credit is all they and I am asking for .

7. Please do not send any images, stationery, tubes or fonts thru and email groups with out first asking permission. Please send the page link or the Home page link when you wish to share any "snags" from us. Please NEVER send the direct link to download. Please send the page link! I ask this because it can exessive bandwidth on my server.

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