FIXING JIO ROUTER: JioFi Router 101 Guide

Are you facing any issues with your Wireless Router? Then know that it can be solved quickly. Some common problems with JioFi are Automatic Reboot, system error, forgetting the password, network problems, heating of device, etc. There are simple steps to reset the JioFi and solve all these JioFi issues.

How to Fix Red Blinking Signal Issue on JioFi?

To resolve the red signal blinking issue follow the steps given below:

You can perform it after resetting the device.

  • Connect your JioFi with the computer
  • open a browser like Chrome.
  • Type the URL http://jiofi.local.html in the address bar.
  • Login with your Login ID and password.
  • Click User Management tab.
  • Click “Restore” to let device reset.

how to improve JioFi battery backup and solve any heating issues:

  • Under the settings tab in the admin control section,
  • open Wi-Fi menu and we need to change 802.11 Mode to 2.4 GHz, disable WMM if it is enabled, change the Tx Power to Low and set the channel mode to the Automatic position.
  • Under storage, menu disables the Storage account.
  • Under advanced settings tab makes power save to max time available.

Run the following checks to improve your data speed, If you are experiencing slow internet speed on your JioFi device, you can

Troubleshooting checks for JioFi users:

  1. make sure the daily data usage has not exceeded its limit
  2. Check the status of network indicator
  3. Check if the issue is with particular site or app
  4. Make sure your JioFi is within 10 meters from the consumption device (PC/Laptop) and connected to only a maximum of ten devices.
  5. Make sure that there is no obstacle intervening between JioFi and consumption device.

How to check the status of the network indicator on your wifi:

the network has good coverage when there are full network signal bars

Blue or 2-4 network signal bars indicates you are in a medium coverage.

When there is red light glows or when there are less than 2 network signal bars.Red defines low coverage area, due to that you are getting slow internet speed. Voice your queries through a service request by signing in with your Jio ID & Password and by selecting ‘Service Request’ option from your profile name at the top right-hand corner.

If you are experiencing slow browsing speed on a specific website or app, it is likely to be a problem related to that particular website or application.

In case you have started to experience any speed issues even after changing your connected device, try connecting the JioFi with your old device to check if there is a problem specifically with one particular connected device. If the problem is only with the one device, then contact the customer service of that instrument.

The speed of data also depends on the number of consumer devices connected to the JioFi device. The rate will decrease in case more devices are attached to the same JioFi device.


While most of these problems can be solved by following these steps, some cannot be solved. If your issues persist even after running the checks above, send a service request by signing in with your Jio ID & Password and selecting ‘Service Request’ option from your profile name at the top right most corner or call the jio customer care.

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