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I-Love-Disney.com --> Disney XP User Icons

Disney Cartoon Windows XP User Icons

These Disney Icons are intended for you to use to create your own Disney desktop themes. They are for use with the Windows XP Operating Sytem. "Windows XP User Icon" is the little picture on the top of your start menu, login screen and a few other places. A little tutorial is below on how to use the icons. :o)


Windows XP - Start Menu

dopey fantasia finding nemo bruce Goofy
Lady Tramp mickey pluto minnie_mouse snow white
Stitch tinkerbell tinkerbell tinkerbell
Walt Mickey aurora aurora1 aurora2
belle belle by manon dopey1 eeyore
figaro flounder gorgette grumpy
jane jimminy cricket jimminy cricket lion king
nala oliver piglet piglet
pinochio pooh pooh pooh
winnie the pooh roo simba simba
snow white tarzan tarz and jane tigger


How to Download and Use XP User Images

Right-click on the image that you want to download, and select "Save Picture As." Choose a location(one you can remember) on your hard drive to save your image(s) and click the "Save" button.

Next click on the "Start" button at the bottom of your screen, and click on "Control Panel." A new window will pop up with several sections; click or double-click "User Accounts." You will be able to see a complete list of users for your computer. Click on the user account that you wish to add the picture to. Click on "Change my Picture," then select the option "Browse for more Pictures." Find the image where you just saved it, and then click the "Open" button. Your image has now been changed. Close the "User Accounts" window and the "Control Panel" window.

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